sampler   Forms of Hands 15
Supersimmetria - Transmutation
Norm – Banereje
Wieloryb - Already Far Away
Totakeke - Format
Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor - Particle Accelerator
Ancient Methods - The Ice Baby (Original Version)
Winterkälte - Climate Change Denial
Yura Yura - Jägerinnen
Sylvgheist Maëlström - Husavik 070115
10  Illegal Trade - We Gonna Jazz Motherfucker
11  13th Monkey - Furik Sul
12  S.K.E.T. - Insatiably
13  Synth-etik – Circuits
14  Ah Cama-Sotz - Yarkulh
sampler   Forms of Hands 14 limited edition of 1000 copies
Tatlum - Number One Rule
Hydrone - Q
Saturmzlide - Good Morning Mr. Corleone
Last Days of S.E.X. - Destroy Patriotism
from Syntech to Greyhound - New Horizons
Needle Sharing - Angst
Mono No Aware - Ookami
Cacophoneuses - Paranoïa
Hezzel - Blind Spot
10  Libido Formandi - Be Brave
11  Vervello Elettronico - Phantom
12  Ambassador21 - Channel Zero (FOH)
13  Monolith - Back to the Source
14  Proyecto Mirage - Automatic Audience
sampler   Forms of Hands 13 limited edition of 1000 copies
Kaibun - Radio Outcast
Phasenmensch - Introspection
Wieloryb - Synthesis If Worlds
Heimstatt Yipotash - Scattered Disc Objects
Xabec - Demolition Ballet
Geistform - Fotonic
Ah Cama-Sotz - The Night Is Cold And The Air Is Clear (We Say Goodbye On This Day Version)
Yura Yura - Laika
Le Moderniste - Cruelty
10  Talvekoidik - Rains Dawntown
11  Hysteresis - Bitcrush
12  Nullvektor - Wiederholung
13  Orphx - Exit Strategy
14  Winterkälte - Structure 13
sampler   Forms of Hands 12 limited edition of 1000 copies
Saturmzlide - Psysurfer
<1979> - Go Back
Syntech - Black Rain
13th Monkey - Dualcore
S.K.E.T. - Reform Europe!
Mono No Aware - Doosa Hoshoo
Sylvgheist Maëlström - Vatna
Dirty K - Stomping Maschine
Nullgrad - Fenster In Eine Andere Welt
10  16Pad Noise Terrorist - 2012
11  Ms Gentur - Contraction
12  Needle Sharing - Rave Monger
sampler   Forms of Hands 11 limited edition of 1000 copies
Libido Formandi - Elevation
Angina P - Godthab
Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor - Cold Shutdown
Shorai - I+D
Empusae - Tenebris for the Unborn
Winterkälte - Toxic Ships
Wieloryb - Zuo
Hysteresis - La Mer Du Nord
Incite/ - Edge of Attention
10  Greyhound - Kritische Masse
11  Edgey - Antecessor
12  Orphx - Stillpoint (Version)
sampler   2010 hands

CD 1
Incite/ Memory Effect
Incite/ Moonlevel
Incite/ Under Construction
Geistform Valve Base
Geistform Iskra
Geistform Cern
Orphx Anima
Orphx Animus
Orphx Shatter Self
10  Shorai Todo A Zen
11  Shorai Noxious Sounds
12  Shorai El Recopetín - Inducción Industrial (Piticli Mix)
13  16pad Noise Terrorist I Met Myself
14  16pad Noise Terrorist Load The X In Your Head
15  16pad Noise Terrorist Lovecore

CD 2
Greyhound Lunatic
Greyhound Memories
Greyhound Inner Rhythm
Maschinenkrieger Kr52 vs. Disraptor Monotonie
Maschinenkrieger Kr52 vs. Disraptor In Vitro
Maschinenkrieger Kr52 vs. Disraptor Nuke Tac Team
S.k.e.t. Deactivate Consumer Fascism!
S.k.e.t. Actualise Yourself In A New World Order
S.k.e.t. No Limits For Heroes (2010 Riot Dynamix)
10  13th Monkey Boulder Dash
11  13th Monkey Incus
12  13th Monkey Syphon
13  Syntech Pandemona
14  Syntech Crash
15  Syntech Global Impulse
sampler   Forms Of Hands 10 Limited Edition Of 1000 Copies
Nullgrad Earthbound
13th Monkey Modpitch
Last Days Of S.e.x. Support To The Conscientious Objectors (Antimilaristic Mix)
Heimstatt Yipotash Gray Invaders
S.k.e.t. The Weird Trumpeter
Geistform Post Ibm
Orphx Axial
Morbus M. Get It
16pad Noise Terrorist Corekultur
10  The Pcp Principle Unholy
11  From Syntech To Greyhound Sabotage
12  Nullvektor Gegendarstellung
13  Xabec Herdla
14  Mono No Aware Danke
sampler   forms of hands 09 limited edition of 1000 copies
syntech first aid (foh-extended)
maschinenkrieger kr52 vs. disraptor genetic manipulation
shorai prototype #1 (blast-past edit)
empusae undead hands
ms gentur mind
synth-etik blessed
the pcp principle perverse
angina p temporary truth
incite/ nonlocality
10  geistform isolde
11  edgey hate tank (stumblecore mix)
12  winterkälte incinerator 1996
sampler   2009 hands

CD 1
5f-x 15% cerosinned
5f-x quadrupel bits
5f-x e.d.d.y.- scope
mono no aware lifecycle
mono no aware buraku
mono no aware morning in higashi honganji
maschinenkrieger kr52 vs. disraptor scream
maschinenkrieger kr52 vs. disraptor plug in
maschinenkrieger kr52 vs. disraptor d-modeler
10  heimstatt yipotash murder ahoi
11  heimstatt yipotash seismik
12  heimstatt yipotash you lokk so orsay (pink fashion)
13  last days of s.e.x. s.e.x. positive feminism
14  last days of s.e.x. imaginaire radical
15  last days of s.e.x. night at the quartier latin barricades mix)

CD 2
geistform tr output
geistform pro analogic
geistform e+
nullvektor vorwärtstrend
nullvektor gegenpol
nullvektor symmetrieachse
synth-etik formantor
synth-etik atonal
synth-etik cavina
10  kom-intern out of space
11  kom-intern star wars
12  kom-intern zero nostalgia
13  typhoid lì_non_è_qui (typhoid studio r(mx)
14  typhoid 17 surgical love (urband art mix)
15  typhoid biscuits and water
sampler   forms of hands 08 limited edition of 1000 copies
last days of s.e.x. revenge of the collective s.e.x.
adjacency pair giyamsabe
empusae (formes de) la puissance 2008
greyhound 467-xy7
scrap.edx liquid construct
mono no aware ganbare
maschinenkrieger kr52 vs. disraptor snatcher
heimstatt yipotash spieltrieb
saverio evangelista formica rufa
10  s.k.e.t. they keep you in a distracted naive bubble
11  ms gentur l.s.d
12  ah cama-sotz chimères
sampler   forms of hands 07 limited edition of 1000 copies
norm freunde
s.k.e.t. free nations do not export violence
punch inc. falling browler suspicion
mimetic alive
5f-x coordinates E 6° 59' 0
winterkälte co2 kills
nullvektor endlosschleife
wai pi wai le rythme sombre
xabec beyond the borders
10  edgey blood groove
11  ms mono gnorp
12  orphx in flames
sampler   forms of hands 06 limited edition of 1000 copies
heimstatt yipotash sharing solar resources
greyhound drill
empusae morbid
s.i.n.a die zeit
needle sharing speed champion
ah cama-sotz dead cities
nullvektor amphetamine junkie part four
adjacency pair vromhpique
scrap.edx phalanx contraflexure
10  edgey flower of pain
11  mono no aware from tv 06
12  klinik desert (surgery mix)
sampler   forms of hands 05 limited edition of 1000 copies
kom-intern comsat
s.k.e.t. energija
greyhound fault
mimetic dancing inauntru
saverio evangelista vortex
winterkälte science for a better profit
wai pi wai elastic break
shorai fevaah (placd-ed(it))
punch inc. battle of the rich
10  xabec crash travel
11  proyecto mirage not my rule
12  5f-x forms of afx
sampler   mixed hands by dj nullvektor limited edition of 550 copies only available together with the 2005 hands compilation
xabec dark time rising
orphx surface IV
nullvektor ad 100 (rmx)
wai pi wai blue voice
shorai pn3um4t1c rhythm
needle sharing gay basher
ah cama-sotz an-râr † le feu †
s.k.e.t. revolution of the pigs
ms gentur beefeater
10  s.i.n.a bewegungsablauf
11  mono no aware oduroku (rmx by nullvektor)
12  winterkälte ban depleted uranium weapons (poison dust)
13  synth-etik vata
14  punch inc. da hunter
sampler   2005 hands

CD 1
orphx cracktest
orphx the distancing
orphx your blood, my blood
winterkälte feel, think and respond
winterkälte riot green elves
winterkälte genetic imperialism (monsanto version)
punch inc. kick ass
punch inc. break it
punch inc. the punisher
10  proyecto mirage carles mistake
11  proyecto mirage cut up
12  proyecto mirage uncommon
13  s.k.e.t. buran
14  s.k.e.t. the most important part
15  s.k.e.t. tgl 200 1750

CD 2
adjacency pair tibefam
adjacency pair oijiur
adjacency pair pheriq
shorai crossover (the unexpected error)
shorai demolition time again
shorai getting faster
edgey fear
edgey leech
edgey collapse (falling mix)
10  greyhound collapser
11  greyhound cut back
12  greyhound endless narcotize
13  norm gespräch mit cindy
14  norm regusal
15  norm nuth
sampler   forms of hands 04 limited edition of 1000 copies
from ms gentur factoids
over ms mono c_comicon
to mono no aware apache
needle sharing sick fag
synth-etik tetapaali
winterkälte stop dow
schachtanlage gegenort abstich
punch inc. shock & awe
xabec stein sein
10  s.i.n.a listen
11  ah cama-sotz synaash
12  orphx catalyst
sampler   2003 hands

CD 1
orphx after
orphx full spectrum dominance
orphx occupied territories
klinik remember
klinik modular minds
klinik zep tepi (remix)
needle sharing vs squaremeter i told you not to sleep...
needle sharing vs squaremeter because conspiracy is...
needle sharing vs squaremeter an electrostatic discharge
10  winterkälte nuclear free europe
11  winterkälte alpine transit (recorded at maschinenfest 2002)
12  winterkälte ban the burn
13  placid black wings of sorrow
14  placid punk fashion posah fukking die
15  placid pain for pleasure/call for blood

CD 2
ah cama-sotz quatrâlh
ah cama-sotz ôm-rach
ah cama-sotz zmeü-kh (part II)
synth-etik n_loop
synth-etik anabola
synth-etik replika
ms gentur albertandtool
ms gentur formicacid
ms gentur geefeater
10  5f_55 4e61 4f6d 49
11  5f_55 426f 574f 5f6f
12  5f_55 4245 5445 4c
13  ms mono magnalog
14  ms mono railroad (recorded at xtreactor 2002)
15  ms mono psychonaut
sampler   forms of hands 03 limited edition of 1000 copies
norm zugang
placid die my darling die (electromix)
ah cama-sotz khêmikalz
from squaremeter over needle sharing to panacea tsunami impact
5f_55 744F 4D6F 5252 526F 77
shorai black tide
mono no aware delire
ms gentur 3riga3
proyecto mirage dial
sampler   forms of hands 02 limited edition of 1000 copies
mimetic be-at shared
squaremeter the dark enemy of the world
orphx chronique scandaleuse
winterkälte ddt
5f_55 4c6f 7475 7346 32
s.i.n.a that’s it (down under remix)
needle sharing my word is law
ms mono first contact
ah cama-sotz sweet fragrance of insanity
sampler   2001 hands

CD 1
squaremeter ...wakes
squaremeter again
squaremeter from sleep
ativ 1011
ativ 1012
ativ 1013
5f_55 496e 7465 6c6c 656e 74
5f_55 4772 7575 7674
5f_55 4d6f 6a5f
10  proyecto mirage onlineproduct
11  proyecto mirage horas
12  proyecto mirage the sound of desert
13  synth-etik cli/p
14  synth-etik a-tkel-yah
15  synth-etik apocrypha

CD 2
xabec home I
xabec home II
xabec home III
typhoid while you sleep
typhoid bliss filter
typhoid attenuations of life
needle sharing another kind
needle sharing polyphonbic
needle sharing dns
10  s.i.n.a crack up
11  s.i.n.a mein stern
12  s.i.n.a who cares
13  mono no aware so.ne.ka.
14  mono no aware after the show
15  mono no aware x-periment
sampler   forms of hand limited edition of 1000 copies
5f_55 4f2d 5261 6e67 65
mono no aware tvg 2000
ms gentur hard hush
proyecto mirage clip
squaremeter behold
xabec beneath the surface
s.i.n.a headstrong
needle sharing bash’n’dash
winterkälte pcbs
sampler   2000 hands

CD 1
orphx halflife 1
orphx halflife 2
orphx halflife 3
proyecto mirage san marcos XIII
proyecto mirage snuff
proyecto mirage don’t dream
winterkälte toxic hotspot
winterkälte desertification
winterkälte tropical timber trade 2000
10  ms gentur fuelled
11  ms gentur poly tox
12  ms gentur rough’n’gruff
13  needle sharing trip
14  needle sharing yellow pages
15  needle sharing speed bitch (live)

CD 2
typhoid man-hour (against)
typhoid 365 hostile eye
typhoid man-hour (linear)
ah cama-sotz black hole
ah cama-sotz lustt (torment mix)
ah cama-sotz place de grève
10  xabec sci-fi
11  xabec auf und unter
12  xabec zeitfresser
13  schachtanlage gegenort kohlenhobel
14  schachtanlage gegenort rote wolke
15  schachtanlage gegenort schrämmaschinenspiel
13th monkey
16pad noise terrorist
adjacency pair
ah cama-sotz
ancient methods
angina p
cervello elettronico
dirty k
heimstatt yipotash
illegal trade
klinik 7 vidna obmana
last days of s.e.x.
le moderniste
libido formandi
maschinenkrieger kr52 vs. disraptor
mono no aware
morbus m.
ms gentur
needle sharing
proyecto mirage
punch inc.
saverio evangelista
schachtanlage gegenort . denise ritter
sylvgheist maëlström
the klinik
the pcp principle
wai pi wai
yura yura